Other Fees

Corporate Actions & Dividend Processing

The following represents fees charged by IB for the processing of Corporate Actions affecting securities in your portfolio.

Type Fees
Requests to exercise Dissenter or Appraisal Rights $100 + external costs
Hong Kong Stock Tenders for Cash 0.1% Stamp Duty
All Other (Mandatory, Voluntary, With Options, etc) Free
EuropeEuropean Union flag
Type Fees
Withholding Tax Voucher requests for dividends paid on German stocks "Einzelsteuerbescheinigung" EUR 30 per line
Withholding Tax Reclaim requests for dividends paid on French stocks "Form 5000/5001" EUR 125 per line
Withholding Tax Voucher requests for dividends paid on Swiss stocks CHF 15 per line

Cash Movements


IB allows one free withdrawal request per calendar month. After the first withdrawal (of any kind), IB will charge the fees listed below for any subsequent withdrawal:

AmericaUnited States flagCandian flagMexico flag
Currency Wires Checks ACH/EFT SEPA
USD 10.00 4.00 1.00 N/A
CAD 12.00 N/A 2.00 N/A
MXN 100.00 N/A N/A N/A
EuropeSwitzerland flagCzech Republic flagDenmark flagEuropean Union flagUK flagHungary flagIsrael flagNorway flagPoland flagRussa flagSweden flagSouth Africa flag
Currency Wires Checks ACH/EFT SEPA
CHF 11.00 N/A N/A N/A
CZK 300 N/A N/A N/A
DKK 30.00 N/A N/A N/A
EUR 8.00 N/A N/A 1.00
GBP 7.00 N/A N/A N/A
HUF 6,000.00 N/A N/A N/A
ILS 30.00 N/A N/A N/A
NOK 50.00 N/A N/A N/A
PLN 40.00 N/A N/A N/A
RUB 330.00 N/A N/A N/A
SEK 50.00 N/A N/A N/A
ZAR 200.00 N/A N/A N/A
Asia-PacificAustralia flagChina flagHong Kong flagJapan flagNew Zealand flagSingapore flag
Currency Wires Checks ACH/EFT SEPA
AUD 15.00 N/A N/A N/A
CNH 60.00 N/A N/A N/A
HKD 95.00 N/A N/A N/A
JPY 1,600.00 N/A N/A N/A
NZD 15.00 N/A N/A N/A
SGD 15.00 N/A N/A N/A


  • IB withdrawal fees do not cover third-party fees. The account holder will be solely responsible for any fees assessed by a beneficiary or correspondent bank. In addition, processing fees charged by your bank or its correspondent bank, which are not included in IB withdrawal fees, may be deducted from wire proceeds.

Deposits - Mexico Only

Fees are determined on a monthly basis. The first deposit of each month is free. Subsequent deposits will be charged a portion of the third-party fees that are charged to IB, as follows:

MexicoMexico flag
Base Currency Wire Fee
MXN 100.00

Bounced Check Fee

United StatesUnited States flag
Currency Bounced Check Fee
USD USD 25.00
Hong KongHong Kong flag
Currency Bounced Check Fee
HKD HKD 200.00

Cash Deposits1 – Minimum Charge and Fee

AmericaUnited States flagCandian flagMexico flag
Currency Fee Minimum Charge
USD 1% USD 50.00
CAD 1% CAD 50.00
MXN 1% MXN 600.00
EuropeSwitzerland flagEU flagUK flagNorway flagSweden flag
Currency Fee Minimum Charge
CHF 1% CHF 50.00
EUR 1% €40.00
GBP 1% £35.00
NOK 1% NOK 300.00
SEK 1% SEK 325.00
Asia-PacificAustralia flagHong Kong flagJapan flagNew Zealand flagSingapore flag
Currency Fee Minimum Charge
AUD 1% AUD 50.00
HKD 1% HKD 400.00
JPY 1% JPY 4,500.00
NZD 1% NZD 65.00
SGD 1% SGD 65.00


  1. Please be aware that it is against Interactive Brokers policy to accept physical currency (cash) deposits. Please make all deposits to your IB account by wire transfer, check, direct bank transfer (ACH), or via one of the other methods described in the Funding Reference page. Should Interactive Broker's bank not block a direct deposit of physical currency a special handling fee of 1% of the deposit amount (minimum $50 fee) will be charged to the account upon receipt.

Security Transfer Fees

ADR / GDR (American or Global Depository Receipt) Fees

Various Central Securities Depositories such as the Depository Trust Company (DTC), Euroclear or Clearstream collect custody fees on behalf of ADR/GDR agents for DRs which do not pay periodic dividends. The fees are deducted by the applicable depository in standard billing and will be passed to accounts which held the ADR/GDR on the record date.

For additional information on the fee IB recommends that you consult the ADR/GDR prospectus.

Type Pass-Thru Fee
ADR/GDR Fee Typical Range of 0.01 to 0.03 per share

DTC Position Transfers

Transfer Method Type Fee
ACATS Deposit or Withdrawal None1
DWAC Deposit or Withdrawal USD 100 per settled transaction
DRS Deposit USD 25 per settled transaction; USD 100 per rejected transaction
DRS Withdrawal USD 5 per settled transaction; no fee for rejected transaction
Canadian DRS Deposit or Withdrawal The exact settlement or rejection fee charged by the agent + CAD 30 per transaction


  1. While IB does not charge for incoming or outgoing ACATS transfers, customers should consult with their sending or receiving firm to determine if there will be any applicable fees for the transfers.

Asset Transfer (Out)1

Asia-PacificAustralia flagHong Kong flagJapan flagSingapore flag
Currency Asset Transfer (Out)
AUD AUD 50.00
HKD HKD 400.00
JPY JPY 4,000.00
SGD SGD 50.00


  1. When transferring Asian positions from your IB account, there is a charge of 50.00 USD for each request or that amount listed in the above table.

US Penny Stock Due Diligence Fee

Please note that IB charges a $1,000 Penny Stock Due Diligence Fee to offset the firm's costs in reviewing and potentially accepting large transfers of U.S. small-cap stocks that the customer obtained anywhere other than on a public exchange. For more information on this fee, please click here.

Prime Brokerage

Take-up/Trade Away fees

IB Prime Services is an account capability that allows clients to execute with their away broker(s) for settlement and custody through IB. To establish and maintain Prime capabilities, your account value must exceed USD 1,000,000 at all times.

The following fees apply:

Initial Setup Fee: USD 1,000

One time fee for accounts adding Prime capabilities for the first time. The fee includes the cost to setup 5 executing brokers.

Executing Broker Setup Fee

The initial setup fee includes the cost to setup 5 executing brokers. Each additional broker carries a processing fee of $200.

Monthly Cleared Commission Minimum: USD 1,000

Clients must generate USD 1,000 in cleared commissions (commissions resulting from trades executed at IB) per month. If not met the balance is deducted at month end.

Trade Break Fee

A $100 USD fee per day that there are trade breaks (where client or broker reporting is either missing or not matching). The first 3 days in which there are breaks per month are waived.

Daily Minimum Fee (applicable for any day there is take-up activity):
Product Fee
US flagCA flag US and Canadian products USD 100.00
HK flag Hong Kong products HKD 800.00
EU flag European products EUR 90.00
UK flag United Kingdom products GBP 80.00
  • IBPrime daily min processing fee does not count towards I-Broker minimum commissions.

United States - Stocks, Corporate Bonds and MunisUnited States flag
Trade Value (in USD) Fee Minimum
<=1,000,000 0.05 bps of trade value USD 1.00 per trade
>1,000,000 0.01 bps of trade value N/A

Example 1:
Trade Value = USD 50,000
Cost = USD 1.00

Example 2:
Trade Value = USD 500,000
Cost = USD 2.50

Example 3:
Trade Value = USD 2,000,000
Cost = USD 6.00

United States - OptionsUnited States flag
Product Fee Minimum
All USD 0.03 per contract + External Clearing Fees + Regulatory Fees1 USD 1.00 per trade
  • External clearing fees + regulatory fees are USD 0.10/contract.

United States - Futures, FOPs and SSFsUnited States flag
Product Fee Minimum
CME, CBOT, ECBOT, GLOBEX, ICEUS, NYBOT, NYMEX, ONE1, 2 USD 0.10 per contract + Exchange Fees + Regulatory Fees USD 1.00 per trade
  • Interactive Brokers does not accept away executions in Bitcoin futures, however they can be traded through Interactive Brokers directly.
  • Unsupported exchanges: CFE, and IPE.
  • ICEUS FUT only.
  • Clearance for single stock futures (SSF) are only accepted via CMTA transfer, not OCC allocation.

Canada - StocksCanada flag
Trade Value (in CAD) Fee Minimum
<=1,000,000 0.05 bps of trade value CAD 1.00 per trade
>1,000,000 0.01 bps of trade value N/A
  • Canadian stocks are only supported for settlement in Canadian dollars.

Hong KongHong Kong flag
Product Fee Minimum
Stocks 0.1 bps of trade value + External Clearing Fees1 HKD 15.00 per trade
  • External clearing fee of 0.2 bps of trade value, with a minimum of HKD 2 and maximum of HKD 100 per trade. In addition, a HKD 1.50 per Trade fee will be passed through which represents CCASS fees.

Europe - Stocks and BondsEuropean Union flag
Trade Value (in EUR) Fee Minimum
<=1,000,000 0.20 bps (plus external fees if applicable) EUR 2.00 per trade
>1,000,000 0.10 bps (plus external fees if applicable) N/A

Example 1:
Trade Value = EUR 25,000
Cost = EUR 2.00

Example 2:
Trade Value = EUR 500,000
Cost = EUR 10.00

Example 3:
Trade Value = EUR 2,000,000
Cost = EUR 30.00

  • Supported Euroclear countries are Belgium, France, Netherlands and Portugal.
  • Settlement is only supported in the product's "local" currency.

United Kingdom - StocksUnited Kingdom flag
Trade Value (in GBP) Fee Minimum
<=1,000,000 0.20 bps (plus external fees if applicable) GBP 2.00 per trade
>1,000,000 0.10 bps (plus external fees if applicable) N/A

Example 1:
Trade Value = GBP 25,000
Cost = GBP 2.00

Example 2:
Trade Value = GBP 500,000
Cost = GBP 10.00

Example 3:
Trade Value = GBP 2,000,000
Cost = GBP 30.00

  • Settlement is only supported in the product's "local" currency.

Stock Loan



For information on our Stock Yield Enhancement program, please click here.

Product Fees
Stock USD 20.00 Ticket Fee

Exposure Fee for High Risk Margin Accounts

For information on this fee, please click here.

Account Maintenance and/or Reporting Fees

RSP Special Fees

The following fees apply to customers with an RSP (Retirement Savings Plan):

Quarterly CAD 12.50 Maintenance Fee

Customers with an RSP account will be responsible for a 12.50 CAD quarterly fee. This fee is charged to the account at the beginning of each calendar quarter. The fees will be prorated upon account creation.

For example, if a customer opens an RSP account on 2014-11-07, the fees will be:

  • 2014-11-07: $7.50
  • 2015-01-01: $12.50
  • 2015-04-01: $12.50

Withdrawal (Deregistration) 50 CAD Fee

50 CAD will be charged for a total or partial withdrawal.


For customers subject to the European Markets and Infrastructure Regulations (EMIR) or markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR), should you request that IB apply for a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) on your behalf, your account will be assessed a one-time fee for the application as well as an annual maintenance fee assessed on or shortly after the yearly anniversary date of your LEI application. The costs are reflected below.

Type Fee
Application Fee USD 1691, 2, 3
Annual Cost USD 991, 2

For more information on EMIR and the LEI, please refer to http://ibkb.interactivebrokers.com/article/2138


  1. Charged in the base currency of the account.
  2. The above fee includes a USD 19 surcharge paid to the Global Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF).
  3. Includes expedited LEI surcharge.

Archived Statements

AmericaUnited States flagCandian flagMexico flag
Currency Archived Statements1
USD USD 25.00/first statement,
USD 5.00/each additional statement.
CAD CAD 25.00/first statement,
CAD 5.00/each additional statement.
MXN MXN 300.00/first statement,
MXN 60.00/each additional statement.
EuropeSwitzerland flagEU flagUK flagSweden flag
Currency Archived Statements1
CHF CHF 25.00/first statement,
CHF 5.00/each additional statement.
EUR EUR 20.00/first statement,
EUR 5.00/each additional statement.
GBP GBP 15.00/first statement,
GBP 3.00/each additional statement.
SEK SEK 165.00/first statement,
SEK 35.00/each additional statement.
Asia-PacificAustralia flagHong Kong flagJapan flag
Currency Archived Statements1
AUD AUD 25.00/first statement,
AUD 5.00/each additional statement.
HKD HKD 200.00/first statement,
HKD 40.00/each additional statement.
JPY JPY 2,200.00/first statement
JPY 450.00 each additional statement.


  • A processing fee of EUR 30.00 per request is charged for any Withholding Tax Voucher request for dividends paid on German stocks.
  • A processing fee of EUR 50.00 per request is charged for any Withholding Tax Voucher requests for dividends paid on French stocks.
  1. The prior 7 years of statements are available.
    For additional information on availability of Daily and Monthly statements click here.

Interactive Brokers Debit Mastercard®

Fee Schedule
Making Purchases
US and international point-of-sale (POS) transactions and transactions that require a PIN. No fee
US and international transactions that require a signature. No fee
Currency conversion. No fee
Getting Cash

ATM cash withdrawals in the US and outside the US.

Note: ATM withdrawals are subject to an additional ATM network surcharge charged by the owner of the ATM machine. This surcharge is passed through to the cardholder.
$0.50 each
Automated Customer Service, Live Agent Customer Service and declined ATM transactions. No fee
Card Replacement & Closing Your Card Account
First replacement card for lost or stolen card in a year. No fee
Additional replacement cards in the same year. $3.00 each
Replacement card delivery via Express Shipping. $10.00 each