Pricing Overview

Fixed Rate and Tiered Plans

We offer low commissions on all products, including stocks, ETFs, warrants, options, futures and futures options, single-stock futures, EFPs, forex, bonds, funds and CFDs around the world.

Fixed Rate Plans

Fixed rate plans typically charge a single flat rate per share or contract that includes all commissions and all exchange, regulatory and other third-party fees.

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Tiered Plans

Tiered plans typically charge our low broker commissions, which decrease based on volume, plus exchange, regulatory, and clearing fees. In cases where an exchange provides a rebate, we pass some or all of the savings directly back to you.

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Interest and Financing

Low interest rates, and higher loan values on portfolio margin accounts over $100K.

Interactive Brokers uses internationally recognized benchmarks on overnight deposits as a basis for determining interest rates. We then apply a spread around the benchmark interest rate ("BM") in tiers, where larger cash balances receive increasingly better rates, to determine effective rates on:

Research Platform for active traders

Research, News and
Market Data

Comprehensive research, news and market data for traders, investors and institutions.

  • Interactive Brokers Information System (IBIS) Platform.
  • Reuters, Dow Jones,, and other news feeds.
  • Reuters StreetEvents Calendars and Worldwide Fundamentals.
  • Real-time global market data on specific exchanges.
  • Quote booster packs that increase the number of simultaneous Level I quotes.

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Advisor Client Fees

Our automated, flexible client fee options make it easy for you to run your business your way:

  • Charge your clients for services rendered through automatic billing, electronic invoicing or direct billing. Determine advisor client fees at the time of the client's registration, and modify them at any time in Account Management.
  • Easily maintain different fee schedules for multiple client accounts using client fee templates.
  • Charge client commissions to your own Advisor master account.
  • Reimburse fees to client accounts up to a maximum of 50% of invoices (net of any prior rebate) for the trailing 12-month period.

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Advisor Client Fees
Broker Client Markups

Broker Client Markups

Our automated, flexible markup options make it easy for you to run your business your way:

  • Charge your clients for services rendered based on a variety of fee-per-trade markup types for each asset class (e.g. stocks, options, etc.), exchange and currency.
  • Easily maintain different fee schedules for multiple client accounts using client fee templates.
  • Mark down credit and short proceeds credit interest and mark up debit interest.
  • Fully-disclosed brokers can configure and submit electronic invoices in Account Management.
  • View all commission markup schedules for your client accounts on the Markup Summary report in Account Management.

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Additional Pricing Information

Required Minimums

For complete details about required minimums, see our Required Minimums page.

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Other Fees

For complete details on cancel/modify fees, trade busts/adjustments and other fees, see our Other Fees page.

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Collection of Costs and Charges

Transaction commissions, fees and other charges are charged to the account upon each order's transmission and/or execution. Credit interest is payable and debit interest is charged at such frequency, rates and on such credit or debit balances as set forth above under "Interest and Financing".

Account Activity Fees, where applicable, are charged to the account during the first week of each month. Similarly, subscriptions to research and market data or special connections are collected monthly on the first week of the following month.

Other Fees, where applicable, are charged to the account in the manner described in the Other Fees section of the IB website. Further details are provided on each of the dedicated pages of the IB website.

Multi Currency Account

The IB Multi-Currency Account function gives the ability to trade in products and also make deposits and withdrawals in different currencies using a single account that is denominated in a base currency of the client's choosing. Transaction costs, interests charged or accrued by the client are paid in the currency in which they are incurred. More information on "Converting Currency Balances" can be found on the IB Knowledge Base.

Costs and charges illustrations

The following examples show on a hypothetical and best effort basis what impact the costs you may pay will have on the investment return you might get. The total costs take into account one-time, ongoing and incidental costs. The amounts shown assume cumulative costs related to the products traded and services that might be provided to your account. Actual costs might vary.